Our Services

Business Consulting

Is your business ready for the big challenge? I4nnova has strong skills in Business process design, re-engineering and optimization. Technology alignment to corporate vision. Human capital development


We can work with you to bring your infrastructure, applications and services together in a secure, accessible and managed environment. This reduces your TCO and increases overall profitability

Enterprise Systems

We have helped several clients with our industry specific applications to streamline and automate all of their processes and position them for competitiveness and sustainability.

Business Insight

The way ahead is to look behind. I4nnova can help you transform your historical data into competitive advantage for sustainable growth.


Empower your employees and stake holders with powerful productivity tools to create the culture of flexibility and engender continuous world of work. Whether you prefer on-prem or cloud based productivity tools, you can be sure to exceed your limits and deliver outstanding results.

Big Data has become Big Discussions

Dynamic market structures and changing customer preferences have made innovation a constant imperative. The search for improved value offering has given rise to deeper insights previously unimagined. All of these are brought together by the combined value of big data technologies and analysis tools to create the right level of insights necessary to stay ahead. At i4nnova provide solutions and tools to access the power and value of Big Data.


Are you seeking for solutions to help predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance and protect data, applications, infrastructure and frontends? We have the capabilities to bring your enterprise security challenges to an end.


We offer Industry specific trainings, role based trainings, change management and design thinking for executives